7 Key Tips to Being a Classy Man

It is rightly said that the art of class is something that holds a special place in our heart and it is a trait we all respect and admire. Every man in the society has a subtle desire to be a classy gentleman. This trait would definitely help you to gain the respect of your partner in life, your co-workers in office and the general people you meet in daily life.

A classy gentleman is intelligent, polite, polished and above all distinguished. A classy man is always supposed to be subdued yet confident in nature. You are not expected to wear loud flashy clothes, junk jewellery, and loud perfumes if you want to portrait yourself as a classy man. Instead, you  are supposed to put in a lot of efforts to the minute detailing of your dresses like wearing a soft toned branded t shirt, a classic wristwatch and a nice pair of shoes because that is the first thing women would notice in you. Here are 7 most important tips for you to sport a classy look.

  1. Stop Dressing Like a Boy, Start Dressing Like a Man

Many men in our society try to approach casual look from a wrong angle and end up looking funny. One thing you have to keep in mind, in order to look classy you have to look mature. It is that important trait that is going to separate you from the boys. Many people debate that the dressing sense does not have an impact on your personality. But the social pundits beg to differ. Your dressing sense definitely speaks volume about your personality. In order to portrait the classy look, you have to bid goodbye to the flashy tees and anything with a slogan. Instead, a soft-toned, solid tee from Bewakoof, Myntra or Jabong would do much justice to your masculine look.

  1. Avoid Baggy Jeans or Any Kind of Embellishment

After the tees, it is time to concentrate on your jeans. Completely avoid those baggy jeans that need to be pulled up after every two minutes. Your jeans should be able to keep themselves up around your waist all by themselves. Avoid every type of embellishment on the jeans, which means there should not be excessive distressing or ripping, or bleaching.

  1. Layer Your Clothes to Impart an Interesting look

It is a good idea to layer your clothes to impart an interesting look to it. Imagine yourself wearing jeans teamed up with a basic grey sweater. It looks fine but fails to impart a classy look. Now imagine yourself wearing a solid white shirt underneath your sweater. It creates magic to your looks.

  1. Class up Your Footwear

After revamping your clothes, it is time take notice of the shoes. A nice pair of shoes can go a long way to complement your looks.  Women, especially take a notice of the shoes you wear. A brown leather shoe instead of your regular sneaker can make you look much sharper and elegant.

  1. Decorate Your Wrists

Accessories can go a long way to spice up an otherwise dull outfit. Naked wrist really looks boring; a wristwatch with a brown leather band is a perfect combination to your brown shoes. It helps to give more character to your personality.

  1. Do Not Forget Your Jacket

You can smarten your casual look with a perfect combination of a leather jacket or a well-fitted blazer.  It goes a long way to accentuate your male frame. It is the simplest way to notch up and smarten a casual look.

  1. Finally be Yourself

In the quest for sporting, a classy look do not forget your own style. The fashion gurus recommend you to dress well to look more polished and masculine. But, do get carried away in this quest. It may then lead to a fashion blunder.

So, these were the 7 tips which can help you to sport a classy look. if you wish to shop for some accessories or outfit like branded t shirts, an elegant wristwatch, or a nice pair of fitted jeans you can log on to the popular fashion portals like Bewakoof, Jabong, Myntra, etc.

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