6 Sleep Habits to Help Your Skin Stay Fresh

Girls do so much to have a good skin. They sleep after applying serums on skin to look great when they wake up. The bathroom counters are packed with different skincare products from Fenty foundation to lipstick. Girls having a Watson code on beauty products save more in this matter. They can bring all the beauty essentials with this code after getting enormous cuts on prices. In all these things, we forget that one of the simplest things for a beautiful skin is sleep. Yes, we ignore sleep. Here is how a sound sleep can make your skin more adorable and glowing forever.

Side Effects of Poor Sleep:

First of all, we will information about what the girls feel when they wake up after a poor sleep.  Scientific researches show the following symptoms.

  • Swollen eyelids.
  • Hanging eyelids.
  • Dark circle under the eyes.
  • Paler skin.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Droopy corners (on the mouth).

How to avoid these symptoms while improving skin beauty?

Follow the instructions in order to get what you want.

Take Full Sleep:

No matter what it takes, try to have full night sleep. According to research, a sleep is considered “full” when a person completes all four stages of sleep including the EREM and REM. In simple words, a healthy person requires at least 8-10 hours’ sleep in the 24-hours cycle. This will bring improvement in the skin health and texture.

Wash Face Before Bed:

Most girls have a routine of washing face with face-wash or a quality gel before going to bed. This is a good routine as it removes all the dirt from skin pores. It also cleans the skin and makes it feel cool. It helps in good quality sleep while having no microbial activity on the skin surface. Buy quality face wash brands with Watson code without any negotiations.

Drink Water and Use Moisturizer:

Your skin needs moisture even in the nighttime. Whether it is hot or cold, your need skin moisturizing. Drinking more water before sleep may cause trouble of frequent peeing. Therefore, apply a quality skin moisturizing lotion on face and keep a water jug at table. Drink from the jug or bottle whenever you feel thirsty during the night.

Take Care of Pillowcase:

Prefer cotton pillowcases rather than silk or other fabrics. Change the pillowcase frequently and wash them in hot water. The pillowcases are common harboring places for the germs. It would be good to use a face sanitizer before going to sleep. Washing the pillowcase frequently with good detergents and air drying is also enough.

Keep Head Up:

Positioning of your head is very important during sleep. Actually, you need proper blood supply and circulation. The skin repairs the damages during nighttime sleep. Keeping the head elevated with a good pillow will help.

Wash Daytime Makeup Before You Snooze:

Are you taking a short nap? It is better to wash the makeup. Buy wet tissue papers or towels with Watson code to clean the residues properly.

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