Make Your Bridesmaids Look “Spring-Ready” by Choosing the Perfect Dresses!

Has your wedding date been fixed? Is it during the spring season? If yes, then waste no more time and start shopping right away! After all, the season of blooming flower; the season of new beginnings is just a month away. Hence, control your pre-wedding excitement and jitters, and go out on a shopping spree with your sister or any other close friend who’s a fashionista just like you; and who can help you pick your wedding gown and other accessories.

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you something really important. When you’ll go on a wedding shopping spree, do keep in mind that you have a gang of lovely divas who are going to be your bridesmaids. Therefore, you need to purchase fashionable yet cheap bridesmaid dresses for them too. Wondering, what kind of dresses should you purchase for them? Well, you can go through any fashion magazine and get some ideas about the latest fashion trends and then, accordingly purchase dresses for your lovelies. What? Don’t have much time to go through any magazine? Well then, you have landed on the right blog because here, I’ll help you pick the best attires for your bridesmaids. So, just keep reading.

Focus on the Season while Purchasing Bridesmaid Dresses

Being a fashion designer-cum-stylist, one thing that I would like to tell you before you pick bridesmaid dresses is that please make sure you keep the wedding season in mind. So, since you are getting hitched this spring, make sure you purchase dresses for them which will make them look as beautiful as fresh blooms. In short, purchase dresses that are inspired by the season spring.

For inspiration, please go through the fashion tips given below. I’m sure these will help you out!

  • Choose Dresses Having Floral Detailing

We all are aware of the fact that spring is all about blooming flowers, isn’t it? Therefore, why don’t you purchase bridesmaid dresses that have floral details on it? Don’t you think that’s a great idea? So, look for dresses with floral details.

Generally, when it comes to picking floral bridesmaid dresses, what most of the would-be-brides do is that they choose the ones that are tailored using simple material with colorful, floral prints. Well, you can definitely purchase floral printed bridesmaid dresses, but don’t you think that’s cliché? Rather, I would say that it is flushing out of fashion. So, I would personally suggest you avoid floral printed dresses and instead, pick the ones that have floral motifs or floral lacework on it.

Finding dresses having floral motifs or lacework won’t be difficult. However, in case you don’t find them in any designer boutique or store in your city, search online. I’m sure you’ll come across many websites that have a collection of these kinds of elegant yet cheap bridesmaid dresses.

  • Material Should Be “Easy-Breezy”

Spring is not as hot and humid as summer. But if your girls have to work a lot, then a little sweating is inevitable. Therefore, it will be wise for you to purchase dresses that are made of an “easy-breezy” material such as chiffon or tulle. These materials will not only make your girl gang feel comfy throughout the day but also, make them look absolutely elegant.

Additional Tip: You can choose dresses that have a mixture of two materials such as tulle and Alencon lace.

  • Go for Comfy Sleeves and Neckline

In case you are thinking that just choosing the right material would make your girlies feel comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony, then you are mistaken. You need to choose dresses having neckline, backline and sleeves that’ll make them feel comfortable and sweat less while they are rushing to do various tasks.

The neckline that I would personally prefer during spring is the sweetheart neckline. This is not just a very appealing neckline, but quite comfortable too. As far as the sleeves are concerned, I would suggest, go for off-shoulder as it’s “in trend” too.

  • Play With the Hemline

Floor-sweeping, tea-length and mini hemlines are so common. How about playing with the hemline? How about choosing asymmetric hemline? Trust me, asymmetric hemline, also known as high-low hemlines, are trending this season. Plus, if you notice this hemline, you’ll instantly get a feeling that it was made for spring! At least I feel so. Therefore, I would suggest you go for dresses that have asymmetric hemlines.

Other Fashion Tips:

Here are some more tips to complete the overall “spring-ready” look of your girl gang; take a look:

  • Keep the makeup subtle and dewy.
  • Purchase/customize floral jewelry such as floral bangles, tiara, and tiny studs.

So, now will you be able to pick the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids, so that they look “spring-ready” on your wedding? If yes, then waste no more time and start shopping now!

Author bio: Tassel Gomes is a fashion designer-cum-stylist who has written several blogs on bridal and bridesmaid outfits and makeup. To get tips for choosing attractive yet cheap bridesmaid dresses, follow her blogs.


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