Who were the best-dressed celebrities of 2018?

When it comes to fashion, anything goes, and that was certainly true in 2018. From trainers and loud neon outfits to biker shorts and trendy ensembles, they were all worn with pride by fashionistas everywhere. It was the year that saw biker shorts teamed with blazers, sweaters, and even high-heeled shoes and logos.

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From pop stars to royalty, anything goes

Among the best-dressed celebrities was Lady Gaga, who is now considered to be one of the top fashion influencers. Her eclectic styles of 2018 made her into a true movie star. From head-to-toe leather to sumptuous ballgowns for red carpet events, she could do no wrong.

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Meghan Markle continues to turn heads, along with the Duchess of Cambridge. Her style choices are always under scrutiny since she became the Duchess of Sussex. From staple items that sell out soon after she goes public in them to the top designers that are in her royal wardrobe, the obsession doesn’t look like it will die off. The Duchess of Cambridge also leads the way in the fashion stakes and is famous for recycling her wardrobe. One staple item that she makes appearances in are her nude heels.

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Alexa Chung also saw her clothing line jet off from the outset. Being a business woman certainly influenced her red carpet style, which saw a more mature and elegant look with immaculate suits and tea dresses.

A range of celebrity dresses that are modelled on outfits worn by your favourite stars are available from www.axparis.com/collections/celebrity-dresses. According to Town and Country, Emilia Clarke was one of the best-dressed at this year’s Oscars when she wooed onlookers by wearing Balmain on the red carpet.

Lupita Nyong’o also turned heads at the Black Panther premiere in Los Angeles, where she proudly wore Atelier Versace. Always a style icon who never disappoints, the actress is certainly one to watch in 2019.

Let’s not forget about the men who can pull off style as well as any woman can. Timothee Chalamet led the way with Jeff Goldblum, Pharrell and Idris Elba not far behind. David Beckham showed that he can create style as well as Victoria when he turned up in a Kent & Curwen topcoat and trousers during London Fashion Week 2018.


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