Blue Sapphire Rings & Pendants Trends for 2018

In the recent times, the jewelry trends have largely evolved for the occasions like wedding and engagement. The designs of rings and pendants have become as diverse as the women who wear them. The blue sapphire is a preferred choice of gemstone for the couples who are ready to tie the knot shortly. This September birthstone has always been associated with the royalty since the centuries. It invokes trust, protection, and loyalty in the life of its wearer. It has been revered for its ability to ward the evils from the life of loved ones and representation of truth and sincerity. It gives clarity of mind along with optimism, modesty, and intelligence. You can design your engagement or wedding jewelry with this gemstone for its immense beauty and impeccable cosmic properties. Here are the top trends in blue sapphire jewelry that you can try in 2018:

  1. Oval Ring with Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Oval cut ring

If you are looking for fashionable jewelry for the most special occasion of your life, this is the ring that you must opt for. In this regard, there are many options that you can try. There are designs of rings made from white and yellow gold. A halo setting with 10 diamonds is a perfect option if you want your engagement ring sparkling with both the white and blue gemstones. Colors become the focal point of this design. You can explore a variety of oval blue sapphire rings at Since the uniqueness of a jewel is important, such reputed stores can also personalize your ring as per your preferences.

  1. Heart Pendant with Sapphire

Heart shaped Blue Sapphire Pendants

Nothing can be more precious than a jewel that she can wear close to her heart. A heart-shaped pendant with sapphire encrusted beautifully is a wonderful trend for 2018. You should buy the genuine quality of blue sapphire gemstone online for this jewelry piece. It looks amazing in pure gold and sterling silver metals.

  1. The Popular Split Shank Design

Blue Sapphire Studded Split Shank ring


It is, in fact, the most trending design of engagement rings for 2018. These rings add a distinctive charm and an architectural feel to your overall style. They are perfect for celebrating the togetherness of a new relationship.  It features a solitaire stone in the middle of the ring with the band split for a fashionable style. You can choose this style in any shape of blue sapphire. It offers a vintage look and can be adapted to any style.

  1. Sapphire with Rose Gold:

  Blue Sapphire Rose Gold Ring

The huge rise in the popularity of rose gold has made it a preferred option for the engagement and wedding rings as well. Their sales are going through the roofs and they are the hottest trend for 2018. This gold metal offers a unique romantic charm and versatility than silver or pure gold.

Apart from these, you should also look out for the trends like nature-inspired cuts of sapphire, emerald-cut stones embedded into sapphire pendants, and three-stone designs of rings accentuated by diamonds. These are some hottest blue sapphire jewelry trends for 2018. And, if it’s your wedding or engagement, you don’t need another reason to indulge in the beauty of these jewels.

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