4 tips for taking care of your diamond engagement ring

Diamonds are truly stunning precious stones. When you have a diamond engagement ring, you will want to keep it in top condition. Consider the following tips to make sure you know how to take care of your diamond ring and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

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Treat the Diamond Gently

Although diamonds are very durable and strong, they can still be damaged. Diamond can chip, fracture and bruise if they get knocked. The prongs need to fit well and the diamond needs to be held securely in its setting, so always keep an eye on the setting and treat your ring gently.


It is always important to insure a diamond ring. Your homeowners insurance can usually add the ring to your existing insurance policy. Policies can change, so check your renewal policy every year to make sure it is still covered. Your jeweler should give a valuation of the ring when you buy it, and this should be used to insure the ring as soon as possible.

When to Leave it On – And When to Take it Off

Your diamond ring shouldn’t be removed every time you wash your hands. Doing this is a sure way to lose it. There are some occasions where you should leave your diamond ring at home, however. For example, when going to the beach or swimming, the water can affect your finger size and you could lose it.

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Some people ask: Is buying a diamond engagement ring online OK? The answer is yes. However, when Buying Diamond Engagement Rings online, you should always check all the fine details about the ring as certain settings, cuts and stones can make them more vulnerable, such as rings with micro pave stones. Also beware of wearing it for exercise; depending on your setting or stone, it could pop out during vigorous activity.

Clean Regularly

Once you have your beautiful diamond, you should clean it often to keep it sparkling. Any build-up of oils or dirt will prevent the light from reflecting off the stone and it will look dull. To clean it, simply drop it into a glass of warm water with a squirt of washing up liquid or soap. Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub gently with a soft toothbrush and pat it dry.

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