The bridal jewelry guide

The wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing when you walk in front of the wedding altar with your fiancé. But your bridal look will not be perfect until you put on your bridal jewelry. These enchanting pieces of jewelery give your bridal outfit that certain something and enchant you to a beautiful bride. Our bridal jewelry guide will tell you what makes these pieces of Nico Mari Ring Designs so special and how to best integrate the fine jewelry into your bridal styling.

Wedding jewelery: From superstition to the modern bridal accessory

There were times when certain forms and materials were avoided in bridal jewelry. Thus, old superstitions of pearls and roses were also considered bad luck charms, like bridal bouquet and rain on the wedding day. Likewise the cross, symbol of the Christian faith, should, according to superstition, jeopardize the happiness of the bride and groom. Times have changed meanwhile. Hardly a bride marries today without pearl jewelery and for most brides it is unthinkable to forego a beautiful bridal bouquet and jewelery during the marriage. Roses are part of every wedding party – whether as real flowers or as artificial flowers, which, for example, make the bride’s hair ornaments an eye-catcher.

The most popular jewelry materials for bridal jewelry

Silver and white gold are great materials for bridal jewelry, which can be combined with various other materials such as mother of pearl, white fabric, white feathers and rhinestones super. High-quality and unfortunately also very expensive materials such as white gold are hardly processed into bridal jewelry, because jewelery for the bride can really only be worn on the wedding day. Since wedding jewelry differs significantly from conventional jewelry, bridal jewelry is therefore mainly offered as a fashion jewelry. Wedding jewelry is however very high quality worked. It is not surprising that the silver-colored metal is not silver or white gold. Typical is the combination of metal with a fine white or cream-white fabric such as satin, from which also the wedding dress was made.

Gold jewelry for the wedding?

Most brides refrain from gold jewelry, because shiny silver metal, mother of pearl and white fabrics fit better to the white wedding dress and represent the “innocence” of the bride. As a result, barely gold wedding jewelry is offered. However, if you want to marry in a champagne colored dress, gold jewelry looks especially nice.

Do sparkling stones and gems fit?

Diamonds and diamonds are perfect for the bride. If you own simple silver jewelery or white gold jewelery set with sparkling gemstones, there is nothing wrong with wearing it for the wedding. However, beware of color-intensive gemstones. A romantic necklacewith a heart pendant made of bright red ruby ​​can look wonderful in combination with a bridal hairstyle and bridal gown. The necklace itself should then be as fine and thin as possible, so that the red stone is a highlight in the eye. Blue or green gemstones, on the other hand, are less suitable for bridal styling. Bright blue topaz and delicate rose quartz can sometimes be combined beautifully with the other bridal accessories. Rhinestones and cubic zirconia in combination with a silver necklace look very noble and can be worn perfectly as an alternative to diamond jewelery and brilliant jewelery.

What jewels does the bride wear at the wedding?

When choosing the bridal jewelry, it is important to find a good vote. Above all, you should feel completely comfortable with your jewelry ensemble. Only put jewelry that you like to wear. If you really do not like earrings , opt for a pretty necklace, a necklace or eye-catching hair accessories. If you love to wear a great bracelet or a pearl bracelet, you can do without necklaces or earrings. There is nothing to stop you from choosing a jewelry set that includes earrings, necklacesand bracelets exists. In this case, it is usually very good if the individual pieces of jewelery are rather discreetly combined and do not seem too bulky. Otherwise, the bridal jewelry steals the show for you. Only on rings you should do without your wedding – because on this romantic day the wedding ring is fully in the foreground.

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