It has been rightly said that the first impression lasts long. And for the first impression, as important is the personality and attitude of a person, the attire is equally important. And no attire is actually complete without a wrist watch in hand. Apart from its basic function of time-telling, the wrist watches also add significantly to the style and personality of the person. Choose a watch that goes well with your outfit by clicking on Men’s Watches.

Talking of the first impression, yes, wearing a wrist watch, does matter. The wrist watch stands as a style statement for the person wearing them and speaks for the personality. However, it is equally vital to choose the perfect watch that goes well with the dressing sense of the person. The following section makes a mention of some ways through which the wrist watches influence the first impression of a person..


The following are some ways through which the effect of first impression can be enhanced by using a wrist watch:

  • A wrist watch signifies the punctual attitude of a person. Of course, in this era of smart phones, people prefer looking at their smart phone screes rather than watches for checking the time. But a person who wears a wrist watch has more impact than all those who look at their smart phone screens do. Imagine a scenario where a conversation is going on and a person pulls out his smart phone to check the time. Not only will it seem rude, but also his behaviour might be taken in a negative way. A wrist watch rather prevents all these and further adds to the impressions of the person.
  • Watches are considered a style statement. Yes, it does add to the charms of the attire of the person and of course in a great manner. It is always believed that the watches that are simple are the most stylish. Hence, choose a design that goes well with the outfit and there you go making a long lasting and a high impact first impression. There are a lot of brands available that when used by a person reflect his status, Rolex included. So, go on, reflect your style and status through your watch.
  • There are some watches which reflect excellent craftsmanship. Hence, a person who wears such watches can be considered as an admirer of artworks. This of course is vital for a first impression of a person. A person’s love for art can be reflected through his signature watch designs and this reflects his personality. There are certain brands that manufacture watches that are epitomes of excellent artwork and craftsmanship. A person who wears such watches is an admirer of such artworks and takes interest in them. And a person who admires art works is a person who is gentle by nature and has learnt to admire.
  • A person who wears a wrist watch makes sure that he does not leave behind a single accessory that would make him complete and that would impact his personality. It symbolises that the person takes every possible step to look good and is always prepared. This adds to the good impression of the person right from the first meet.


Although a small accessory, wrist watches are a great contributor to the personality of a person. Hence, choosing the right wrist watch can be impactful for the first meetings with another person. The wrist watches have the ability of speaking out about the whole personality of a person and his characteristics with just a single look.

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