How to Practice Self-Care

The practice of self-care is becoming increasingly common these days as many people realize the benefits on both mental and physical health. If you take care of yourself both mentally and physically, you can improve your overall health and wellbeing and will generally feel better all round. How do you practice self-care though? Below we have listed a few tips for success.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The modern world has many conveniences that make our lives better, but too much convenient food can be very unhealthy. If you can, try to avoid too much processed foods and instead stick to whole foods as much as you possibly can. This means eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, meat, and dairy (unless you are vegan of course). A healthy diet protects you against a variety of chronic diseases and helps to improve your mood. It will also ensure that you maintain a healthy weight, which also helps in the fight against chronic illness. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy junk food every now and then. Those who maintain a balanced diet will typically eat healthy foods eighty percent of the time while allowing themselves treats the other twenty percent of the time.

Get Enough Sleep

Our body and brain recharge while we sleep, so getting adequate amounts of sleep is vital to both mental and physical wellbeing. It has been recommended that you get around seven to eight hours of sleep every night. If you struggle to sleep, there are many herbal remedies that can help as well as apps that allow you to listen to relaxing sounds and stories. A healthy diet will improve sleep. You should also avoid drinking too many caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is particularly important. Drinking water will help to keep you hydrated, thus allowing you to think clearly. Water will help you regulate your temperature and is required for the lubrication of your joints. Water is also required for effective functioning of the digestive system, and it aids in the elimination of toxins and chemicals from the body.

Pamper Yourself

Get into the habit of pampering yourself often as this will make you feel good. You can spend time every day taking care of your skin and hair for example by using products that will help you to look and feel good. Some people like to smell good and will spray themselves with their favorite deodorants and perfumes. The good folk at ShoeFresh, makers of shoe deodorant, suggest getting into the habit of using shoe odor eliminators, particularly in the warmer weather when feet can get hot and sweaty. This will not only prevent odors, but it will also make your feet feel fresh.

Socialize More

Enjoying time with friends and family is especially important to mental wellbeing. Too many of us spend more time than we should working and not enjoying ourselves. Make a weekly or monthly date with your partner or friends to enjoy a nice meal or a movie. This break from the daily grind can do wonders for your health.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Spend time every day doing the things that you enjoy. This might just be relaxing in the garden, completing a crossword or puzzle, or listening to some relaxing music. This time away from everyone else will help to calm the mind and will improve your mood. You might want to just have a soak in the bath every now and then with a good book, some scented candles, and a glass of wine. Just do whatever makes you happy.

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