Horse Protector: Horse Boots with a Double Density Shell

When you come to your farm, you want to be sure that your horses are safe from heat and cold. Horse Protector provides horses with protection from the harsh winter weather conditions by offering horse boots with a double density shell.  The Veredus Olympus Vento boots are made to protect horses from the elements by providing a double-density shell. These boots are also beneficial for protecting horses from injury, as they will prevent punctures and tendons from being rubbed raw during periods of wear. They are also incredibly easy to clean when necessary. The Veredus Olympus Vento horse boots are engineered with a double density shell with a patented saddle guard. The boots offer total protection for horses from accidental injuries as well as everyday falls.

The benefits of the Veredus Olympus boots

The Veredus Olympus boots are designed, developed and manufactured in the US. They include a double density shell that offers increased protection to horses’ delicate hooves. The boots also feature a slippery surface that prevents horses from slipping while they’re wearing boots. The lining is made of water-resistant thermoplastic material which helps to reduce heat and moisture in the boot. When it comes to protecting your horse from injury, your options are somewhat limited. There are a few protective measures you can take such as a blanket or hoof boots, but most of those are not the most feasible options in the long run. Veredus Olympus boots have been created to give riders more protection than other horseshoes on the market while providing more traction and flexibility with each step. Click here to get more details.

How to help your horse go into the water

The first thing is to get your horse comfortable with the idea of going into water. A good way to do this is to get your horse used to being in a large area with water – by piling up some hay bales and letting them play in shallow water. Then, find a long-sleeved shirt that doesn’t have too much shoulder coverage that you can wear while checking on their feet. Make sure the legs on this shirt are long enough so that the extra length isn’t hanging down when your horse’s back legs are tucked under him. Before putting your horse into the water, attach these Horse Boots with Zipper Closures over their hooves and rub sunscreen or lotion over their coats. The number on a horse boot is the thickness of the shell or the weight per square inch of the boot. This is important to know because the heel of a horse has two bones, and it is recommended that they be protected with a boot that is 8-16 oz per linear inch thick. The numbers that are on a horse’s boots are their thickness in millimeters. There is a scale for measuring the thickness of the leather and it starts at 1.0 mm for the thinnest and goes to 3.0 mm for the thickest, with 2.0 mm being considered average. The thicker the boot, the more support it will provide and will also be safer for your horse since it’ll provide less traction to rocks or sticks as they’re trotting.

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