The Mass and Cost Variations of Protons Vs Electrons

It has been understood for a very long time that an electron, by way of mass, is about 1/1,800 that of a proton. Along with this, it is usually nicely understood that each the proton and the electron every have absolute, however reverse, cost values of 1. The proton having a cost worth of %2B1 and the electron having a cost worth of -1. What has not been understood is why is it that each objects can have exactly equal cost values but have such a big distinction in mass? It’s extremely unlikely that the design of the universe simply so occurs to have it in order that that is only a good coincidence. This may solely lead me to the conclusion that there have to be a mechanical rationalization for this prevalence. Allow us to begin out by defining how the internal workings of protons and electrons are designed and the way they perform.Allow us to think about a set of smaller particles which might be joined collectively in such a approach so mounted variety of them comprise a single electron. I’ll name these particles “Om Particles” named after the phrase “Om” in Hindu that means the elementary vibration of all existence. These Om particles are related collectively and organized very similar to a set of child’s plastic linking beads that may be snapped collectively finish to finish. Taking this a step additional, allow us to take sufficient of those particles and put them collectively in a string in order that they are often curved round to type a closed loop. It’s this loop formation of Om particles that creates our electron. I can’t be sure precisely what number of Om particles it takes to type a single electron however I’ll surmise that cautious research of the relative fractional values of the lots of identified sub-atomic particles when in comparison with the mass of a single electron will lead a typical denominator which ought to inform us the worth of the mass of a single Om particle and, consequently, yield the quantity required to type a single electron. The explanation for that is that I consider that each particle within the universe is made up of those Om particles and subsequently ought to have lots which might be some a number of of the Om particle’s mass.One different piece of the puzzle that wants rationalization right here is why the electron has any cost in any respect. Effectively, the reply to that is easy and that it’s a very tiny electrical generator. What is occurring inside this association of Om particles is that they’re shifting very quickly spherical and spherical, chasing each other’s tails, so to talk. It’s this rotation of Om particles that causes a surrounding discipline of detrimental cost. Please word that in a later writing I’ll clarify why it’s that these Om particles are shifting on this vogue however to maintain the story easy right here, simply settle for that they do and allow us to get on with the remainder of my rationalization right here and focus on the mechanics of a proton.

Everyone seems to be conversant in the frequent toy known as a “Slinky”. Wanting on the form of a slinky, think about taking one finish of it and pulling it round in order that it comes to affix the opposite finish. We now have an object that resembles what’s often known as a taurus. If we glance carefully to this taurus formed object, and making the idea that our slinky is a really particular “super slinky” that has roughly 1,800 windings in it, we’ll now have a good illustration of a proton. Every winding inside a proton is definitely a single electron however as a substitute of sitting facet by facet, the electrons are related in such a approach that they create a spiral formation, one after one other, till you could have 1,800 of them simply as our tremendous slinky does within the above instance.Identical to the electron, these windings are made up of Om particles which might be flowing quickly by means of this formation, going spherical and spherical. Finally, after doing a little 1,800 loops they return to their beginning place, very similar to a stunt pilot who will get a bit carried away doing consecutive loop the loops within the sky to impress his viewers.If one have been to look at discipline that’s being generated by this formation, one would see that at comparatively shut distance, there’s a cost of detrimental worth. However, as one strikes away, the cost worth flip flops and turns into optimistic. The explanation for that is that every of the person loops throughout the proton are the identical as an electron and are producing a detrimental cost discipline inside their shut proximity. This discipline is being generated alongside the axis that the person Om particles are revolving round. The majority of this discipline is contained throughout the physique of the taurus form itself. Stepping again it may be seen that there’s a bigger circulate and a secondary axis of motion to contemplate.That is the trail takes us round and thru the central mass of the taurus form itself. This circulate is revolving in regards to the axis that the secondary cost is being generated and is the other in worth to the cost generated by the person windings. This axis passes by means of the central gap of the taurus and is of optimistic cost. It’s the internet impact of this cost residing within the outer areas surrounding the proton that provides the noticed optimistic cost that we detect when observing the proton interacting with its surroundings..Now that I’ve outlined that the proton is solely an association of electrons related collectively, I’ll clarify how it’s this development that results in reverse however equal values of cost for the proton vs. the electron. Taking a look at a single electron, allow us to say that the Om particles are shifting inside it at a particular regular velocity. The space traveled by an Om particle for it to finish one lap across the electron I’ll name distance “x”. Now, assuming that the Om particles throughout the proton are shifting in the identical method as these throughout the electron, the gap they should journey earlier than they return to their beginning place will likely be about 1,800 occasions “x”. Taking this a step additional, if a single rotation of Om particles inside an electron yields a cost of -1, we will now safely come to the conclusion that the physique of Om particles throughout the proton, shifting at a internet rotational velocity 1/1,800 that of an electron however, there being 1,800 occasions as a lot of them doing so, ends in a internet cost of +1. Therefore, our measured fees are reverse however equal in worth. The opposite approach to have a look at it’s that the physique of Om particles completes a single rotation about its axis 1,800 occasions sooner than these inside a proton. Once more the identical consequence, reverse however equal cost values.As soon as that that is understood, we will transfer on to the subsequent difficulty and that’s the reason an electron inside an atom maintains a sure distance from the proton and would not collapse into it. One would logically conclude that because the proton is of optimistic cost and the electron is of a detrimental cost that the 2 ought to fall into each other in very quick order. I’m conscious that quantum mechanics tries to clarify this utilizing what is known as the uncertainty principal and that it’s only a matter of likelihood that assigns the situation of the electron across the nucleus of the atom, however I’ve an enormous drawback with this. This “explanation” is not any rationalization in any respect. You would possibly as nicely say that the electron is held out away from the proton by magical fairy mud as by likelihood. I do need to agree with Einstein totally on this one. God doesn’t play cube with physics.

Wanting on the above mannequin of how the electron and proton are shaped, one other far more logical and mechanically dependable rationalization surfaces. That’s, because the cost shut in to the proton is definitely detrimental, the electron is saved at bay by this repulsive drive. Whenever you have a look at the cost fields surrounding the proton, the detrimental cost progressively will get weaker the additional away from the floor you get and turns into changed by a optimistic cost at a sure outlying distance. As one strikes away even additional, this outlying cost truly will increase in power till there’s a maximal level the place the cost is at its biggest after which will start to wane if one strikes away but even additional. It’s at this level within the house across the proton that the electron is most tightly sure to. Kind of a “grange point” for the electron, if you’ll.Extra difficult atomic buildings that contain many protons, and neutrons, and electrons now grow to be extra readily comprehensible in how they behave. The electrons are all whirling about, avoiding each other as a result of they’ve a like cost, but are trapped inside this sure space of house by the outerlying optimistic created by the protons packed collectively within the nucleus. This subsequent begs the query as to why the nucleus is tightly sure collectively and never blown aside by the like fees that every of the protons posses. I’ll go away that to a different writing, however relaxation assured that if you’ll be able to settle for what I’ve written to date, I do have a really good and tidy rationalization for this phenomenon in addition to many others that appear to defy logic. That’s till you have a look at them in a special mild and are keen to throw away your fairy mud.

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