Know The Reason Why CBD Is So Expensive

Cannabidiol (CBD) is getting recognition for its efficiency in treating a variety of illness in both humans and pets. The demand for CBD is increasing and companies are taking advantage of the hype. When you want to buy your CBD product, you may think why the price is so high? Is there any valid reason behind this pricing?

CBD is the compound derived from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t have the psychoactive property, whereas, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the weed’s psychoactive property and gets you high. Since THC is removed from CBD, it is safe for the user. Some types of CBD products may contain traces of THC (lesser than 0.3%) which is not enough to give you high.

If you search for CBD oil online, you may get thousands of results. How to choose the genuine one? Whether you will get the exact amount of CBD? Just CBD Store assures their customers genuine high-quality CBD products that are derived from hemp crops. Their third-party lab results assure you the quality and amount of CBD you get.

Why CBD Is Expensive?

When you are about to buy CBD products you probably get a sticker shock. Products are available in a wide range of prices for the same quantity of CBD. Let us see some of the reasons for this different pricing.

One best reason for high cost of CBD is, some manufacturers use organically grown hemp plants to extract CBD. Hemp derived CBD don’t contain THC. Organic products ensure you that your product is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The extraction method used in the process may also influence the cost of CBD. Of all the methods, CO2 extraction is most expensive and provides solvent free final product and they are contaminant free, whereas in other methods it is not possible to remove the traces of solvent.

Next is the labor involved in the extraction process. Actually, it is a time consuming process and even a lot of labor investment produce only a minuscule amount of final product.

With these tips in mind, while you are choosing the product check whether hemp plants are sourced locally or not, what is the extraction process? The price should be your last concern. Since, you may end up in products that have solvents or plants used are grown overseas.

Some companies, with the intention to make money, sell hemp seed oil labelling as CBD. Though hemp seed oil has fatty acids and other beneficial properties, they cannot give the health benefits of CBD. Though these oils are cheaper than genuine CBD products, there is no use buying them if you want to reap the benefits of CBD.

If you come across a CBD product that is half or quarter priced of other popular brands, then beware of that. They may be of inferior quality or even snake oil from which you won’t get the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

But still, you can expect the price to fall since increased demand for CBD and legality for growing hemp crops will reduce the cost to the final buyers.

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