Battery Operated Ride Toys

When you want to do something noble for your kids, and you can afford it, think electric vehicles.

Here Is Why;

Ever marveled at how kids would want to imitate adults around them?  This sharpens a child’s aptitude and ability to develop creative reasoning. A better way to help them as a parent by providing the right tools is getting your child an electric vehicle. What a thrill! They see adults do and they learn to do just that, imagining and pretending to be grown-ups driving sophisticated real vehicles.


There is a wide range of options to choose from for these battery operated ride toys.  From electric cars and tractors, electric quad bikes, scooters, electric go-karts, electric dirt bikes, hover-boards and many others with new developments and innovations coming by the hour.

What is important is for a parent to be able to determine the appropriate electric vehicle that befits the child’s age and development. Every age group will definitely have something that suits them and gives them the best thrill experience.

The youngest age a child can try using an electric vehicle is about a year old. More varieties might later suit them as they grow. But as stated above it will all depend on the parent’s judgment of whether their child is able to transition to a more advanced/dynamic electric vehicle.

Safety First

Regardless of child’s age and mastery of the art, it is advisable for parents to encourage their child to wear a suitable helmet at all times.

Battery Operated Ride Toys For Different Age Group

  1. Toddler battery operated ride toys

Limitation on options for this group is due to the fact that most toddlers don’t have good enough strength and balance to ride on two wheels. Most of their vehicles will almost always have 3-4 wheels.

The top speed of vehicles for this group is designed to be low and vehicles have simple control mechanisms.

  1. Battery operated ride toys for older kids

With a much wider variety of options to pick from, their vehicle types will be 3 or 4 wheelers with more realistic control options.

They slowly develop abilities to ride on 2-wheeled bikes or scooters; after which they may ride nearly anything in this bracket. By the age of 8, the child may be ready to try a hover-board having graduated from electric scooters, quad bikes, dirt bikes or go-karts.

  1. Battery operated ride toys for teenagers

By this age the child will probably have lost interest in 3- 4wheel designed ride toys. They will prefer 2-wheelers for the added thrill of trying to balance rather than just sitting in an electric go-kart or electric car for example. It is not unpopular though for some teenagers to stick to electric scooters and dirt bikes. Most of the selections in this category will have very realistic controls and may reach speeds of 10-20miles per hour. The hover-board is likely the in-thing due to its added thrill.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it. Every child deserves a wonderful experience growing up. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to select from. Next time you think of getting them something, remember an electric vehicle will do just fine for both sexes.

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