Cosmetic Surgery: Things to Know in Advance

People who like to look younger by improving their physical appearance turn to cosmetic surgery, a type of plastic surgery that consists of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

However, cosmetic surgery comes with risks and has its limitations. Therefore, those who consider cosmetic surgery need to know the following.

Factors to take into consideration

Cosmetic surgery alters and reshapes body parts that have normal functions but which people are not happy with thus improving the way they look. Before going through the procedure, consider these:

  • Expectations

They should look forward to improving their appearance and not being perfect. Cosmetic surgery will not make them look like a movie star. It will not save a troubled relationship or improve their social life.

  • Expense

Many health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgery. The costs can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending on the procedure. Patients will have to spend for the other corrective procedures and follow-up care.

  • Risks

Not all patients are satisfied with their cosmetic surgery results. Also, some complications may arise like infection at the affected site and excessive bleeding.

  • Recovery

It may take days, weeks or months to recover after cosmetic surgery. As part of their recovery, the surgery might affect not only their physical aspects but their personal and professional life as well.

Smokers will probably be advised by their doctor to stop the habit for about a month prior to surgery and during the recovery period to reduce the risk of possible complications.

Meeting your surgeon

Once they have shortlisted some surgeons, they can ask for a consultation or multiple consultations with these surgeons. They need to give their medical history, list the medications they are taking and talk about what they desire and expect. They can ask the following questions during the initial consultation:

  • Can I undergo this procedure? If not, why?

  • Aside from surgery, is there any other treatment that will work for me?

  • How long have you been doing this procedure? What was the outcome?

  • Can I see before and after pictures of your patients to see the expected results?

  • Will I go through a single procedure or do I need multiple procedures to achieve the desired result?

  • What surgical choices do I have? What are their pros and cons?

  • Will I get permanent results?

  • What kind of anesthetic will they use and how will I be affected?

  • Do I have to be hospitalized and how long if ever?

  • Is there a possibility for complications?

  • How will you monitor my progress after surgery? What care do I need during recovery?

  • How long can I expect the recovery period to be??

  • How much is the procedure?

When patients work closely with their surgeon to set specific, quantifiable and achievable goals prior to surgery, chances are, they will get favorable results.

However, they should keep in mind that even if they have done their homework and found an ideal surgeon they can afford, they are the only one who can decide whether or not they will proceed with cosmetic surgery. They should be sure that they feel at ease with the surgeon and are decided with their choice of treatment.